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Good inventory management is the bedrock of sales, planning and cost control. Inventory Management can also be used as a standalone appplication. Some features:
  • Item records can be easily imported and categorised. 
  • Items can be described in detail.
  • All item activity is logged.
  • Stock can be held at multiple warehouses and locations, including customer warehouses.
  • Batch transfer stock between warehouses (or selected filters).
  • Credit deliveries, and invoice straightaway, or later.
  • Auto stock picking uses the main inventory location type. 
  • All item records are saleable or purchased, in different units if required.
  • Bills of Material (BoM) can go to a depth of 256, and any BoM, sub assembly, or part can be added to a Sales Order.
  • Items can be tracked with lot and serial numbers.
  • Print bar code labels 
  • An model matrix (colour-size, or material-colour-size) can be generated.

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