Work Centre Setup

Products: Paramo WRC
Last Updated: 10  April 2015

Work centres are distinct manufacturing, or related operations. A process route requires one or more workcentres

Work Centre Update

Work Centres Setup and Update

Standard Cycle Time

In minutes. 

Labour Rate/ hr

The labour rate is the best estimate of the labour cost for running this work centre per hour

Direct Expenses / hr

The direct expense is the best estimate of the overhead for running this work centre per hour. These are costs directly attributed to this work centre

Setup Cost / Production Run

The setup cost is based on a typical production run. The unit setup cost is the setup cost / production run.

Refresh Process Costs

Process setup costs and other costs are derived from the default workcentre costs when a route sheet is first created. A route sheet may have its own setup costs.

To update route sheets with new setup and other direct costs, click Refresh Process Costs