Multi-User Operation

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 1 August 2013

Multi - User Operation

The main application is in single user mode, which refuses all client connections. Client connections from other computers (multi-user operation) can be accepted if multi-user mode is specified. Client users must have a username and password to login.

To setup multi-user mode:  

  1. Client applications can be downloaded to create a small network using HTTP.
  2. After installing the client, click on File - Client to Server from the login page
  3. Enter the IP address  and Port of the server computer (the IP address of the client computer is displayed by default).
  4. Click on OK.  If the server application is running, the client will connect and the server host name will be displayed
  5. Login with a username and password provided by the server administrator.

Allowing Clients to connect to the Server

Set up client configuration