SQL Database Installation Errors

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 10 April 2015
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Database error messages are usually caused by insufficient user rights, leading to an inability to access the database. Database error messages may also be generated after a change in configuration (e.g  group policy restrictions or logging on as a different user).

A user must have a Windows Adminstrator account to connect to the database file.  This can be specified from Control Panel - User Accounts. 

Unable to Start SQL Express  / Access Denied

Normally the the SQL Express database automatically starts when the computer is first started. In some cases the SQL EXPRESS server may not start. You can restart the SQL Express Server from the application.

Typical  Error Message:

Cannot open MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS service on computer ## COMPUTERNAME . Access is denied


  1. Close the Application
  2. Right click on the application icon (e.g. Paramo Pro) and select Run As Administrator
  3. You may have to restart the application a number of times before SQL Express starts and you can connect to the database.

Login to Server failed / Unable to create Login

The user must login to the database server before accessing the company database file. The login uses your Windows login details (username and password) to connect to the database server.

Possible Causes

The Current Database is No Longer Displayed in the List of Databases:

Possible Causes

Database file Read Write failure:

Possible Causes

Operating System Error 2

Possible Causes