Backing Up the Database

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 10 April 2015
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  Database Backup Setup

Database Backup Setup

Database Backup

Restoring a database from the backup

  1. Click on Select to locate the path to the latest backup file.
  2. Click on Start to begin the restore operation.
  3. The restore operation will overwrite the selected database
  4. You can restore to a different folder location, if the database file was relocated. If the database being restored was relocated, click on Start Restore as Relocation Location instead of step 3

Copying the Database files using Windows Explorer

You can copy the database file (in some cases the database may have to be stopped before copying is allowed).  

Warning  Do not rename the database file using Windows Explorer. 

Sql Server Managment Studio Express

You can also manage backups and restores from the Microsoft SQL Server Express management tool. This is a free download from microsoft.com. Using this tool requires previous knowledge of database administration.