Release Notes

Products: Paramo 'Pro'
Last Updated: 27 March 2015
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v 1.0-1.2 Paramo Pro released.  Derived from previous PMS Inventory and Production Pro v4.0.  This is a new generation product  with a redesigned user interface, new features and a new navigation 

1 September, 2012

v 1.3 Version Update. New features include better foreign currency management, operating styles selection, many additional functions, usability improvements and bug fixes.

31 January, 2014

v 1.3.1 Minor Version Update. Updates include fixes to the installation process to make it faster, bug fixes, and updates / enhancements to the user interface

1 May, 2014

v 1.4  Considerable enhancements made to inventory, the master schedule and sales, including model matrix.  Asset workflow added. Work Centre Management  (WRC) integrated with Paramo Pro and available as an option.

10 April, 2015

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