Supplier / Vendor Price Lists

Products: Hallion Paramo 'Pro', 'WRC'
Last Updated: 10 April 2015
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Price List Update

An item can be sourced from more than one supplier. To automatically assign a price when loading orders, check Default

An item can have multiple price breaks. The prices are in the supplier account currency.  Purchase prices are defined using the stock keeping unit (SKU)  with its default multiple of 1.  For different purchase units - see Home - Inventory - Setup - Units. Contract Numbers do not have to be unique

Price List Import

Item prices can be entered manually or imported from a CSV comma separated file, or a Excel File Worksheet. A CSV file can be created from Microsoft Excel, by saving the file as a CSV file type.

When the Import  button is clicked on, existing prices will be temporarily cleared. Select the import file.  Items must already exist as Inventory records. Invalid records are highlighted in yellow.

Import File Select

Price List Import Options

Import Supplier Price List

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