Installing a Company on Paramo Pro - First Time Startup

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 1 August 2014
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First Time Startup / Setting Up a Company

  1. Click on Paramo Pro  Paramo Pro Icon  to start the main application and display the login screen.
  2. If no company has been setup, then Company Setup Required will be displayed
  3. Login using the default username and password  (Administrator/Administrator).  See server password policy
  4. The Login Page can be resized separately.

First Time Login

First time login

Paramo Pro Company Setup Required

Home page with no company defined

 Company Setup 

  1. Select 'Company' from the Home Page, and then go to 'Initial Company Setup'.
  2. The base currency is taken from the operating system. You cannot modify it later. To add trading currencies, see
  3. Enter the company name, and click on Save New

Initial Company Setup

Initial company setup

  1. Update company details as required. Most can be added later.
  1. Enter the Company Address details.  If the addresses are the same, you can copy the same address for all types
  1. Define the Standard text. These describe the terms and conditions to appear in your documents. This is optional.
  1. Add the company logo image (.jpg or .gif ), which will appear in all external documents. The max logo size is 100 x 175 pixels. This is optional.

Setting Up Taxes

Add Inventory and Other Records

User Management