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Get built-in, easy to use and comprehensive bookkeeping for inventory, sales, purchasing, tax, and company expenditure and income. A number of dashboards provide layered access to each part of the system

The benefits of built-in accounting include smoother operations. Purchase invoices can be entered after goods receiving, or later.  Customer invoicing is integrated with sales and shipping.  Items returned for credit can adjust an unpaid invoice.  An invoice can be drilled down to sales, inventory and production transactions.  Lot and / or serial numbers are visible from sales invoicing.

Other functions include credit control.  Account and invoice statements can be emailed to customers (and suppliers) . Invoices can be batch paid. Financial statements like profit and loss and the balance sheet can be generated at any time.

The accounting system works on a period accounting basis, where summary totals are transferred to the general ledger, reducing the number of transactions in the ledger accounts. 

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