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Hallion Software Systems Ltd builds compact and powerful inventory and manufacturing software, with a comprehensive list of standard features. Our products use the latest technology and emphasize ease of use. Some features and functions:

inventory: categorise your inventory with easy imports. Create bills of material, models, setup multiple warehouses. Use lot and serial serial number tracking. 

manufacturing:manufacture for stock or sales, with multi-level bills of materials. Use process route sheets.    

sales: enter sales orders from a customer page where everything you need is visible. Pick from stock or back-order from stock, or just back-order. Add models into sales.

accounting: integrated double entry accounting. Integrate invoicing with shipments and deliveries. Manage payments, credit control, point of sale payments, returns, expenses,currency  and financial statements.

asset management: maintain, monitor and issue equipment inventory .

business analysis and reporting: key indicators, powerful reporting.  With comprehensive order tracing throughout the bill of material, you can sell documented products  

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